Police officers found with the Thursday g4s stolen Money. PHOTO | NMG
Kisumu DCI have recovered some of the money stole on Thursday. The 72Million stolen on G4S transit to a bank has not been recovered fully.

The DCI said some of the transit police officers were associated with the theft.

The DCI said Police Constables Chris Ayienda and Vincent Owour were arrested in Kisii and Kendu Bay respectively with some millions concealed under mattresses.

The detectives recovered Sh3 million new notes from Constable Owuor’s house in Kendu Bay, while Sh4 million new notes were recovered from Constable Ayienda in Kisii. 

The suspects purchased a house each 4 Million and a Subaru Forester on the same day of the theft using the ransacked money.


The DCI added that the suspects were preparing to leave the country for Uganda. According to the DCI, two G4S officials who are on hiding have the rest of the money.

Stolen money found in police constable house. PHOTO | NMG


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  1. The will not be jailed because they stole alot of money.


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