ODM opens up a new office today after being evacuated from their office where the party had some arrears. After getting the Sh4.1 billion courts that awarded ODM, the party resolved to build their own offices.

Caroli Omondi had last year, declined the renewal of the lease due to arrears and gave the party up to the end of the year to vacate the premises, which it has occupied for nearly 12 years.

The relocation had been hampered by lack of funds to fully acquire the new property, which was to be owned by the party. The party was rescued by the funds awarded by the court as other parties in the NASA coalition cried foul.

New 180M Orange house. PHOTO | NMG
New 180M Orange house. New ODM offices. PHOTO | NMG

There has been conflicting information that the party may have been kicked out of the previous offices owned by Mr Caroli Omondi that forced them to move out to a new office. Carol Omondi was the former chief of staff when Mr Odinga was Prime Minister.

Before the opening of the Ksh. 180 Million new offices, they had to share the Memories in ODM and how it was formed. MPs shared past moments.

“Makueni MP Dan Maanzo had run away and registered ODM-Kenya. Shortly after myself and Gachoka bumped into lawyer Mugambi Imanyara at Nairobi’s China Centre. We took him to Raila and he agreed to give us ODM,” Makadara MP Mr Ndolo said.

“ODM is the mother party of all politicians, apart from Kanu. But the current officials are using it to benefit themselves instead of building it,” Ndolo said.

Raila's cousin and former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo did not want to talk about ODM. “I have bad memories of ODM and I don’t want to speak about it. Sometimes it is wise to keep quiet once you walk out of someone’s house,” Mr Midiwo said.

“The appellant is entitled in arrears to all monies due under Section 25(1)(a) of the Political Parties Act from the financial year subsequent the effective date of the Act, that is, arrears from the 2012/13 financial year,” three Appeal Court Judges ruled in June.

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