A woman murder herself for missing a morning kiss from her boss in Mombasa. The Owner of the company has been arrested and more investigations are underway.

It is alleged that the boss had an affair with his employee. Due to inhouse chaos at home, the boss decided to dump her despite her asking for a morning kiss as usual.

Morning Kiss

“For many days you ignored me, not even greetings. You have betrayed me for so long even though I love you. You hurt my heart so much and now I want to kiss you, ” the lady demanded a kiss from her boss.

“I'm so sorry even though I love you I don't want to keep arguing with my wife. Excuse me because I can't kiss you right now, keep up the good work, ”the boss said.

According to a witness, the Boss ignored the attitude and got out but the lady insisted for a kiss and she went after him screaming and crying.

"The lady kept crying until her other colleagues went to find out what was happening and realized that employee was crying from his boss,"  a witness explained.

"The lady went back to her office locked up and hanged herself. Only her colleagues realised later when they were heading home in the evening that their colleague was still in the office. One of them rushed back only to see that she hanged herself on a ceiling fan, " the witness added.

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