The Majority Kenyans say county governments discriminate some clans during recruitment, distribution of resources and services while politicians are interfering with county service boards and depriving some areas of development projects, noted BBI executive Senator Yusuf Haji.

Although the 2010 constitution enacted a resolution aimed at transferring local authority and strengthening service across the country, Kenyans told the BBI team that governors and other politicians have been discriminating some wards and communities in their counties.

County Assembly members debate. PHOTO | BNC
County Assembly members debate. PHOTO | BNC

"Kenyans want to be more involved in service delivery and development projects to avoid money being misused and graft," the BBI team narrates.

It says that some Kenyans feel excluded from their county governments in decisions making even sometimes their decisions are not taken or included in the county budgets.

“Treating Kenyans as if they have no rights and power in policies, legislation, budgets and development projects is common in county governments. The counties are riddled with corruption, discrimination and development projects that do not meet the needs of their areas and are poorly implemented, ”the report states.

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