Ganze Mp Teddy Mwambire in hot soup after a section of leaders in Kilifi condemn his CDF Tendering committee for allocating tenders to themselves and his National Government constituency office workers.

According to Hon. Teddy Mwambire, legislative work was not part of the tendering process as stipulated in the NG-CDF ACT 2015 and an 
amendment act of 2016. There are bidding processes and actual acquiring of the tender which is done by a section of Members in his office and CDF. Below is the NG-CDF ACT 2015 and the amendment act 2016 which explains the roles of the two offices.

" How does an MP seat in the tendering committee establish directors of companies which bided for tenders? Does the MP play a role in pre-qualifying companies? If I was too greedy I could have allocated companies for my family so that I can be sure of a clean gain. These allegations are foreign to me, " he said.

Hon Teddy Mwambire and his constituency office are being alleged for allocating tender to themselves, for example, Saimani construction company whose Director is Mr. Moriss Karisa who doubles to be his Deputy manager of Ganze Constituency Mp's Office whose manager is Emmanuel Chai alias Bwenyenye.

Ganze Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire discussing the status of the Ganze constituency. PHOTO | BNC
Ganze Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire discussing the status of the Ganze constituency. PHOTO | BNC

According to the CDF Act 2013, the MP was directly involved in the management and daily running activities of the CDF office. However, The act was replaced with NG-CDF Act 2015. Where the NG-CDF office was made an independent office where the legislature is a patron but does not directly control the activities. 

According to part VII NG-CDF committee, Section 43 of the NG-CDF act 2015 and the amendment act 2016, Fund Manager is squarely responsible for all financial activities in the constituency.

The section of NG-CDF act 2015 and amended act 2016 read;

" (9) The Fund account manager seconded by the Board to the constituency shall be the custodian of all records and equipment of the constituency during the term of Parliament and during transitions occasioned by general elections or a by-election." 

" (12) The Constituency Committee shall, at its discretion, determine the 
quantum of installments to various projects in the constituency, taking into account the disbursement received and the requirement of different projects." 

Conflict of interest in financing and implementing projects across the constituency is outlined in the NG-CDF 2015 ACT. It reads;

"45. The staff of the Constituency Committee
(1) The Constituency Committee may engage such staff as may be necessary for the execution of its functions including persons with knowledge in information and communications technology, construction, and basic accounting.
(2) Staff employed under subsection (1) shall assist the Constituency 
 the committee in the  project monitoring, evaluation, coordination, and proper keeping of records and such staff shall be remunerated from the funds allocated for administration and recurrent expenses of the Constituency Committee." 

The Work of the MP and his office is project Oversight. The NG-CDF 2015 ACT on the legislative work states;

" 53. Constituency Oversight Committee
(1) There is established a Constituency Oversight Committee for projects undertaken under this Act.
(2) The Constituency Oversight Committee shall be comprised of the constituency member of the National Assembly(MP) and not more than four other members, appointed by the Member of National Assembly for the constituency in consultation with other stakeholders.
(3) The constituency Member of National Assembly shall, in consultation with the Constituency Oversight Committee at least twice in every financial year, and upon giving notice of at least fourteen days, convene public forums for purposes of—
(a) mobilizing and sensitizing the respective target groups on any matter related to the Fund; and
(b) soliciting views, opinions, and proposals from the public in regard to the Fund and presenting the views and opinions to the National Assembly.
(4) The public may in the public forums above -
(a) make recommendations to the Constituency Committee for the better implementation of projects undertaken under the Act;
(b) witness the commissioning of projects and issuance of cheques and other disbursements by the Constituency Committee, and
(c) express their views on the implementation of the Fund.
(5) A member of the Constituency Oversight Committee may attend meetings of the Constituency Committee or its sub-committees, to ensure fair distribution of 
the fund."

The allegation started when Hon. Teddy Mwambire published a list of projects and contractors from his constituency.

The Ganze constituency projects below have been started and contractors are on site.

1.Mwapula primary school Renovation of 4 no. Classrooms and adjoining store,-, by REGIONAL PALIM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.
2.Renovation of DCC'S residence, - by ERIC and SONS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
3.Zia ra wimbi primary school, construction of administration block, - by AMRUKAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.
4.Zia ra wimbi primary school, construction of 1no.4 door pit latrine block, by FREDRAC CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
5.Midoina secondary school, construction of 2 no Classrooms - by SAIMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.
6.Midoina secondary school, completion of 2 no. Classrooms - by RABCO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

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