Many leaders from Mt Kenya are quiet over the 2022 succession plan. They are yet to speak. The Building Bridges Initiative has given a new life to politics.

Governor Ann Waiguru is one of the dirtiest people in Kenyan politics after she was mentioned in the NYS scandal. 

She has been a keen supporter of BBI, perhaps a more keen supporter than someone who was supposed to be doing that, The Deputy President William Ruto. 

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru. PHOTO | BNC

Her passion for BBI sets an un-parallel example of loyalty and support. The handshake between the governor and Raila Odinga created new dawn after the  ' cat-walking' memes.

"We must say in plain truth that the country is peaceful because of the handshake. We will protect it" said Governor Ann Waiguru.

"This country will be different post-BBI. It will be a more inclusive, unified and peaceful state. President is not weak. He is too tolerant. And being too nice is working against him. He should fire incompetent CSes" Ann Waiguru added.


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