Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti has put officials of the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) in Mombasa on his radar after banned gambling machines were cleared at the port, later found in Nakuru.

Gambling Machines confiscated in Nakuru. PHOTO | NMG
Gambling Machines confiscated in Nakuru. PHOTO | NMG

 George Kinoti has also warned Police officers who engage themselves in the business. The gambling, machines reached Nakuru from Mombasa at unclear circumstances.

The 169 illegal gambling machines were confiscated on Christmas Eve when police officers smashed a ring in Free Area in the outskirts of Nakuru town and arrested five Chinese nationals.

The five Chinese citizens were illegally assembling gaming machines in a rented house in the posh estate, Nakuru.

“We don’t know how the machines landed in Nakuru after clearance in Mombasa because gambling is banned in Kenya,” said a senior police officer in Nakuru town.

“If it emerges that those who were expected to act failed, they will have to answer for abetting an economic crime,” said Mr Kinoti.

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