FreeMason and Illuminati are the organisations controlling the world after the government failed to provide for their citizens.  The increased Unemployment rate, Corruption and deteriorated behaviour have increased the rate of people joining cults.

Illuminati brotherhood in Kenya built lodges in every town. PHOTO | CULT
Illuminati brotherhood in Kenya built lodges in every town. PHOTO | CULT
 More half of companies and businesses in Mombasa are sourced from a cult. Majority of People in major towns in Kenya believe that most rich and wealthy people are either Drug Barons, Cults associates, Politicians, Stolen from Poor people and brainwashing mechanisms.

More youths are being initiated to the cults every day to put food on the table.  Some people have been wondering about the every year graduates, hundreds of thousands of graduates disappear every year due to limited job opportunities to the cults and businesses.

Poverty can make one to engage in criminal activities including stealing, robbery with violence among other vices. You might be surprised to learn that young ladies are marrying old men and young guys marrying old women nothing more than to get wealth.

" The Illuminati which translates to the enlighten ones is a holistic organization that stands to edify the human race about celestial principalities. The Organization spreads Her roots into the fibre of universal reality bringing forth knowledge that was initially meant for deities to the average man. It goes forth to show the man of the powers than lies beneath his physical, it exposes the “CHI” within every individual who seeks the light and changes their aura for eternity, " according to Illuminati Organisation.

In most cases, it is never because of love for such as marriages to happen. At the Coast of the country, rich old foreigners get hooked up to very young ladies and boys as couples. Another thing which is believed to be a source of income, for quick richness, is joining certain cults, including the famous Illuminati.

More Satanic worshipping areas have been opened up in Mombasa. FreeMason church behind Holy Family Cathedral is considered to be the headquarters of freemason agents in Mombasa.

How to find the lodges in your time? Just search for Freemason lodges near you.

Illuminati brotherhood in Kenya built lodges in every town. PHOTO | CULT

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