A police officer in Kuria West Sub-County defiles his daughter and locked her in a cell for a week.

The police officer in Kuria allegedly defiled her daughter when she was sent to collect school fees by her grandmother and had her held in custody for six days. 

The victim, 12, told journalists she had gone to seek school fees from her father on November 1 when he defiled her.

"I was sent home for Sh13,890 and since my parents don't live together, my grandmother sent me to collect fees from him," she said on Monday.

She said she was cleaning utensils when her father took her to the bedroom and defiled her.  She rushed to the nearest police post to report the incident.

"I reported the incident to a female police officer who called my father and the area chief and tried to persuade me to forgive him," she said.

At about 2 pm she was transferred to Isebania Police Station where she was held for two hours. 

The girl was then taken to Nyayo Hospital where she was tested and given drugs.

She stayed in police custody for six days in which police officers at the station allowed her father to constantly visit and threaten her to drop the case.

"When we visited her on the same evening she was arrested, the officer declined to release her saying the national flag at the station had already been lowered,” her grandmother said.

The grandmother and mother's attempts to have her released did not bear any fruits. 

"We just need justice for our daughter. We feel insulted when a victim is the one being held in cells while the suspects walk scot-free and visit the girl openly when we were denied any chance of seeing her," the grandmother said.

Currently, the victim is staying with a guardian. 

The guardian and the grandmother said a medical examination report, a P3 form, police statements, and medical reports tampered with bungle the case.

"They placed the victim for six days to try and erase the evidence and even police records and the occurrence book entries were skewed," the guardian said.

Senior public prosecutor Martin Mwongera  On November 5 wrote Isebania police station boss over tampered evidence in a letter seen by a star newspaper reporter.

In the letter, Mwongera said after perusing police files and statements, "there was not sufficient evidence compiled thus far for us to charge the suspect with the proposed offense."

Nyamosense-Komosoko MCA Susan Mohabe said justice has to be served for the victim and the family "whose attempt to seek any justice have been met by constant threats some coming from police officers"

The said police officer is still free and the family wants justice availed to them. According to the family, the accused colleagued have shielded him and stand a very minimal chance of chance of getting justice.

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