A political analyst who works on the Kilifi county Governors media as Digital Media strategists describe how the superior or the executive will define the lines for the outgoing governors in 2022.

The Media strategist explains. It may look like a far fetched idea, a remote possibility, and a democratically retrogressive proposition, but in politics, nothing is left to chance.

" I don't see a situation where the powerful Council of Governors (CoG) will take lying low a constitutional amendment laying any possibility of President Uhuru Kenyatta coming back as Prime Minister or President while they easily vacate the scene," he said.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on press over assault charges/ PHOTO | NMG
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on the press over assault charges/ PHOTO | NMG

It should be noted that the issue of the winner takes it all is not the problem in Kenya's elections because that, basically, is the essence of democracy. 

The winner is given time to form government and rule while the loser takes his place as the opposition. Forget the nonsense that we must go to an election where everyone emerges a winner because that means everyone will be a loser. 

The problem, however, has always been how elections are managed and that cannot be solved by the creation of a PM position because there's no guarantee all the president, deputy president, PM, House majority leaderships and Speaker positions will not be won by one party - which might have rigged the elections again.

 "Anyway, back to the amendments. I'm sure constitutional lawyers will want to squeeze in some "katiba lines" that will make this a totally new dispensation where the two-term limits they have already served (governors) do not count; just as Uhuru's previous two if he goes the way of extension, " he added.

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