Where are the building bridges initiative materials where they were promised to be delivered countrywide at Bomas?  The majority of the constituency offices have never been given the documents.

Fred Masha is a lecturer and businessman talking about politics in terms of the BBI. He explains what Kenyans need at the moment.

Now 10 billion was used to interview 7000 people across the country. The people gave their views. Now, the BBI task force was mandated to get back to the people again for reviews and other views. 

What people are asking is the BBI the savior to these tough economic times? 200Million was used to launch the initiative at Bomas. This is money that can save a whole constituency in education matters.

What made the copies delay? Could it be something else being cooked?

President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the country is moving forward. Where is the forward was he talking about when many companies are shut down, SME's closing their businesses and unemployment rate increases so as poverty?

ODM boss Raila Odinga is taking as back to Egypt as he is burning the bridges. The Road to banana seems to be very narrow. 

The country has more than enough representation. Kenyans only require evenly representation. BBI us talking about the executive. The problem is at the grassroots. Where is the representation of parastatal staff? What about the public service commission and other commissions? 

Is there fair development distribution across the country? Are there basic needs for every Kenyan?

Do you want to analyze Social, Economical or political matters in Kenya?


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