Police leave gangs freely roaming around Mlolongo. The Police leave the gang after they made arrests. Residents fail to understand the reasons why police leave the gang with guns roaming. 

Joy Kanali drags her feet and slumps into a seat where she spends moments groaning in pain at her home in Mlolongo Phase 3. Her home is a solitary one-bedroom house perched on a hill overlooking Mlolongo town.

Medical records show Ms. Kanali has a broken pelvic bone, a bruised uterus, and a damaged bladder, thanks to an armed robbery that left her with three bullet wounds in her thighs and genitals. An old man is said to have died in the incident that also left another woman critically injured at the height of robberies in Mlolongo, a few months ago.

" I saw them and can identify them even now. They all had rugged hair. One had a hooded purple sweater and I also saw one with brown timberland shoes. The woman who ran a grocery store near my shop still had her lamp on and so I could see the men quite clearly,” says Kanali, adding that he had served the men countless times in the M-Pesa shop.

 "I also heard them talk in Kikamba and they agreed that I didn’t have any more money on me. Then they pushed me down and pointed their guns at me all at once,” she says.

“They spread my legs as I tucked my head in my hands away from them. Then I heard a gunshot and felt hot pain in my left thigh. I knew they had shot me and I thought they would leave it at that.” 

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