UK based professor roasts himself after mentioning about Deputy President William Ruto losing grip in Mt.Kenya. 

" You do not become President from Deputy without the President’s support. It is clear that Mr. Kenyatta has lost all patience with his deputy & is interested in building his legacy. Mr. Ruto should leave Jubilee to lead opposition " Prof. Makau Mutua said at #JKLive with Jeff Koinange.

"Moi Supported Uhuru and failed, what kind of a professor is this! We are not professors but we are not fools, " Ruth Mbithe said.

"Whenever I see learned people like Prof Mutua makau arguing like this, I doubt the education system he underwent.  Education should enable one to think in a broader perspective with objectivity and professionalism, " Mathew Njoroge commented.

" What I know Ruto is always alone. None of his brother/sister nor parent that Ruto followed their footsteps, compared to Uhuru who had Kenyatta, Raila who had Odinga, Gideon who has Moi. This is the only reason why I support Ruto, " Gladys  Mureithi said.

" This man Prof Makau needs to come on the ground because we are the ones on the ground. President Uhuru Kenyatta as at now has no control over the Mt Kenya votes. If an election was held tomorrow, Mt Kenya would vote for Ruto 70 percent plus. And for his info, leaders like Waiguru dug their political graves by going to Kibra to campaign for ODM. Take that to the bank.2022 is not far off and we will see." Alex Kimani said.

" When Moi was going out, he told the nation that its only Uhuru who could lead Kenya. Was Uhuru elected? It is not necessarily you be supported by the president, the votes are with the people, Uhuru was washed by Kibaki on the ballot in 2002, you are only a professor but not a prophet pls leave uncle William Ruto alone." Gladys Mureithi added.

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