Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa to help people affected by floods in Chakama Magarini. It is reported that a man drowned in the galana river six days ago and none of the public institutions have offered support despite calls.

Magarini Constituency has been largely affected by floods following the river banks bursting, flooding some areas in Masindeni, Chakama, Matolani, and Baricho.

Tsavo safari lodge lodged in river galana raging waters in tsavo
Tsavo safari lodge lodged in river galana raging waters in Tsavo. PHOTO | NMG

Chakama residents have called out for support from the Kilifi county leaders including their governor Amason Kingi. For the past six days, families have spent their night in the cold after their houses were swept by the floods.

Residents want the county government to help them in retrieving the body of their loved one. They also pleaded to get food, shelter and basic staff. 

" We saw it here when the Italian lady was abducted. The government was all over here. The ferry tragedy, the government helped. Six days down the line none has come despite talking to the authorities. " Kalama Fondo a resident in Chakama said. 

Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa is yet to respond after she said that her foundation will help the situation. 

Magarini Mp Michael Kingi has not yet said anything since the incident occurred six days ago despite giving him reports. 

"Hon. Michael Kingi has the report. Our MCA also has the report. We are sure that it has reached the governor either through his brother Hon. Michael Kingi or through county assembly representative. What we need is just help." Kalama added.

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