The government of Rwanda has scrapped off taxes on lady's sanitary towels.  The government also gave a 30 percent subsidy on the product to help girls in schools.

Rwanda announced that it has scraped an 18 percent value-added tax on sanitary pads to make them cheaper for girls who are often forced to skip school during their periods.

The country becomes the latest to drop the controversial tax which has increasingly infuriated women around the globe who argue tampons and pads are basic necessities and should not be subject to taxes.

“The Government of Rwanda has added Sanitary Pads to a list of goods that are VAT exempted in a bid to ease their affordability ministry of gender and family promotion announced on its website and on Twitter Wednesday.

“This is a step in the right direction but not the ultimate solution. It is a shame that girls have to drop out of school just because of a biological process, so it is a good step what government is trying to do,” Annette Mukiga, a feminist activist in Rwanda told AFP.

“Our target is to make sure that sanitary pads are free, not just cheap but free in all schools so that girls do not have to worry about this challenge anymore.”

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