A man detained for forgetting his driving license as he was rushing sick kids to the hospital. The Kids, Wife and the driver are detained at Kilifi police station after the driver refused to bribe them saying the cash he had was only for hospital bills not for bribery.

The man with his sick children spent a night at Kilifi police cells, calling for help for the kids. 

The Man calls for well wishers to help the children be taken to the hospital even if he will remain in the police custody. 

"I had only Ksh. 5,000. I was to use that for medication. The police demanded Ksh. 10,000. I could not give them because the treatment needs cash. Public hospitals in Kilifi cannot assist as only pain killers are available nothing more, " the driver said.

" They locked us in the cells with sick children. I pray that I don't lose my kids, " the mother added. 

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