Actually whether corrupt or not, the question should be why waste time and resources when all leaders have agreed to pass BBI. Why take it again to the public instead of having it passes through an act of parliament???

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi said politicians will mutilate the Building Bridges Initiative proposals to suit their interests if it is brought to Parliament.

Some leaders also have been residing with the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi.

" Hon. Moses Kuria seems to be speaking from both sides of his mouth. He can't tell us they cooked figures about the economy and MPs are bought cheaply to pass favourable reports and now he thinks they can pass BBI, he thinks it's another opportunity for some MPs to earn 5 or 10K bribes," Lawyer Ahmednasir said.

 Muturi explained that the report cannot be brought to Parliament in its current form. The speaker said that the process was initiated by the Executive and can only be brought to the House through a bill or a policy for adoption.

But in a Twitter post, Lawyer Ahmed Ahmednasir said if Muturi was an average lawyer, he would take his reading of the Constitution 'very Seriously'.

Justin Muturi and Lawyer Ahmend on twitter war over BBI

Muturi: Why BBI should go to the people "...fortunately no one has ever taken the foolish risk of relying on his interpretation of the law..." he said.

But in a quick rejoinder, Muturi asked Ahmednasir to stop being personal in everything.

"Stop being personal and be civil," Muturi said.
Ahmednasir did not relent and instead continued to argue with the speaker openly.

"I am civil is fair to state Sir as I have done that your tenure as Speaker Sir is defined by a total subversion of the constitution..." he said.

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