Leishanshan hospital opened. PHOTO | AFP
Leishanshan hospital opened. PHOTO | AFP

China builds two big hospitals in 8 days. The second hospital took 48hours to be complete. The second hospital occupies 14 acres of land with 1600 beds.

The second hospital in Wuhan named the Leishanshan or Thunder God Mountain Hospital, is situated in Jiangxia District, a suburban area to the south of the city center. The second hospital was opened on January 29. Construction started on January 27 and the hospital is set with two buildings.

Around 2,000 medical workers are expected to treat patients in the dedicated 14-acre, 1,600-patients beds, which is the second of its kind in Wuhan, the ground zero of the coronavirus outbreak in China.

The second hospital is named the Thunder God Mountain Hospital because Chinese people believe the God of Thunder is the God who punishes the God of Evil, signifying that the locals wish the 'evil' coronavirus to be controlled as soon as possible

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