An Australian Navy ship will begin evacuating people from Victoria on Friday, but it will be a slow process. The trip to a safe port is expected to take 17 hours. 

Fire rages thousands of properties in Victoria, Australia. Thousands flee as the government advised people to leave everything behind and move to safe places. The government has to rest assured to reimburse everything that would have razed by the inferno.

The compensation plan is already in the budget after the weatherman advised the government over increased temperatures and drought.

All along the southeastern coast of Australia, tens of thousands of people abandoned their homes on Thursday after the authorities called for evacuations, warning that the massive fires headed their way this weekend might be the worst yet in an already catastrophic season.

Eight people have died in the past week as fires raged across forest and scrubland along Australia’s Pacific coast, choking cities with thick smoke, charring more than 1,000 houses and killing countless wild animals.

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