Building bridges Initiative agenda at Mama Ngina ignites the coastal region from the hurdles the region has gone through.

Kilifi governor Amason Kingi outlined Coast proposals and resolutions to be added at BBI. 

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi presents the recommendations of the Coastal people on the Building Bridges Initiative; 

Gov’t should comprehensively address matters of land ownership, titling, transfer and management, acquisition and productivity.

Government should revoke absentee landlords. The historical land injustices should be dealt with. All land matters 

Economical crisis; all port activities are undertaken at the port of Mombasa. Inland ports should be used as storage facilities.

Government subsidies should be implemented for products on the Coast. 

Government to revive the dead companies. These companies include; Biktsa, Cashewnut, Rice, Sugar among others. Crops grown at the coast should be recognized as among the cash crops.

Creation of social and impact association. This will harness friendship among the coastal communities.

Creation of blue economy ministry. The Coast delegatees resolved to push for a powerful ministry of blue economy and it should be led by a person from the Coast.

The people also resolved to have 
Equal and inclusion of coastal in the public service. 

The exploitation of natural resources to benefit locals. Mineral exploitation and natural resources should benefit the locals, not the national government.

Infrastructure in education is devolved. Schools at the coast are depilated and national government cannot implement education infrastructure.

Coast regional policy authority to be created. This regional government will create inclusivity.

The tourism board and product board should be created and implemented. 

Corruption and those corrupt get full force law. Regional governments will establish economic blocks. 

Federal regional and county governments to get  70% of the resources.  

President, prime minister, deputy prime minister and two deputy prime ministers. 

Two regions; (Kilifi, Lamu, tana river) as the upper region and (Taita, Mombasa, Kwale) as a lower region.

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