Passengers traveling to or from China. PHOTO | BMS
Passengers traveling to or from China. PHOTO | BMS

11 million residents of #Wuhan, the epicenter of the new #coronavirus, under lock-down; Wuhan railway station this morning.

The virus is alleged to caused by rodents and seafood popularly used in #Wuhan city. 

The new virus has killed at least nine and infected more than 400 people in China, with confirmed cases in the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Kenya.

All passengers entering Kenya from China will undergo thorough screening for a new flu-like virus before being allowed into the country, the Ministry of Health has said.

Acting Director-General Patrick Amoth said the ministry was waiting for the World Health Organisation (WHO) to provide further official guidance.

However, the Ministry ordered all imported canned from China to be taken off the market. It is allegedly to be transmitted through live animals, people contact and animal canned foods from China. The US reported such infection last week.

North Korea temporarily closed its borders to foreign tours, the vast majority of them from China. The World Health Organization has called a meeting on Wednesday over whether to declare the outbreak an international health emergency.

Chinese Corona Virus spreads globally, WHO warns authorities to screen people, animals, and foods from China. They also warned authorities to recheck their imported Chinese based canned foods or products.

In the city where the virus started, the authorities have banned group tours out of the city and ordered vehicles checked for live animals, especially Rodents.

Scared residents are buying up face masks and flooding hospitals to report fevers and coughs. Some schools are canceling classes and even Buddhist temples are turning away the faithful.

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