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Coast governors crucial meeting at Vipingo ridge underway, BBI agenda in discussion

Mombasa Governor Ali Joho chairing a previous Vipingo Ridge Meeting. PHOTO | BMS
Mombasa Governor Ali Joho chairing a previous Vipingo Ridge Meeting. PHOTO | BMS

All governors from the Coast apart from Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya are today meeting at the Vipingo ridge to strategize how they will sell and push Building Bridges Initiative and other coastal based development initiatives.

Speaking at the Vipingo Ridge, Mombasa county secretary Francis Thoya said the governors will be planning on the coastal political chapter. 

CS Thoya said the Coast region has been left in dilemma over the political decisions and has been used as a milestone and political backup for other regions.

Some of the items that will be discussed include; 

  • Building Bridges Initiative
  • Coast region security
  • Economy
  • Political stability

The indoor meeting will be chaired by the Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

The political stability at the coast and the outgoing governors has been a thorny issue. Kilifi governor Amason Kingi and Mombasa governor Ali Joho are proposing for the BBI because of the three-tier government.

The two governors have been allegedly planning to go for the regional government seats in the coming 2022 elections. 

Presidential ambitions for the Mombasa governor is almost dead after the provisions of the regional governments in the BBI. 

Coast Region economy has been undermined by the introduction of Naivasha inland port, Embakasi inland port, and Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) cargo deals.

The blue economy is not doing well as it was on the blueprint. Dongo Kundu's business park is still on the drawing board. 

It's still unclear if the political stability at the coast will be brought by the external parties as they lack bargaining power.

It's just a year after the Kilifi governor Amason Kingi talked about having a coastal based party(TUFE) which since then hasn't been actualized. 


  1. Sasa SGR imepokonya wapi kazi na biashara hawa they are talking about BBI

  2. These governors are not serious.. Thats why Mvurya cannot join them.

  3. I think Governor Ali Joho is taking these governors for a ride. First of all he was not serious on presidential ambition. Because, ODM cannot choose a presidential flagbearer from coast if Raila Odinga is still alive.

    1. Baba cannot choose anyone who is not from the lake region at the moment.

  4. So they want to sell BBI because they want to remain relevant..

  5. Governor Joho was not serious from the beginning. He knows about his businesses.

    1. Sure.. Coast is just doomed. No TUFE nothing. But why cant they join USPK? Empower it and make it a regional party. Let all these KADU, USPK and others join hands and be out of this political quagmire.

  6. Lets see how it will unfold.


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