Naivas supermarket foods render their customers admitted to different hospitals. PHOTO | BMS
Naivas supermarket foods render their customers admitted to different hospitals. PHOTO | BMS

Hummingbird Otieno and other Kenyans suffer from the bad and rotten foods being sold at Naivas supermarkets countrywide.

According to hummingbird, Naivas Supermarkets management needs to act on their stores before things get worse.

They outline frustrations and food poisoning situations with the Naivas supermarket foods and consumables.

Hummingbird narrates, On Sunday 15th December 2019, I bought two chicken spring rolls at Naivas Supermarket, Capital Center Branch around 3 pm. Later that day in the evening around 8 pm, I went back to the same supermarket and got chicken, cashew nut rice and  yoghurt.

I went home and about two hours later I started to diarrhea. I started to experience chills as my hands began to feel numb. Luckily I managed to get to Mater Hospital with the help of a friend in just a few minutes.

At the hospital, I was quickly attended as the symptoms worsened. I was immediately put on IV treatment as the Doctors observed me. 

I was later discharged the following day 16th December around 1 am. On the morning of 16 Dec. 2019 I started to experience the same symptoms.

We rushed back to Mater hospital where I was admitted. The experience was very traumatizing, all I wanted was to recover. 

After being discharged on 18 Dec. 2019, I went to recover at my parents' home. When I had gotten better, I shared my ordeal with my friends on social media on 25th Dec.

 As a result, Naivas contacted me. They asked me to visit the Capital Center. I was still recovering and away from Nairobi where I was being looked after. 

I visited their branch with close family members on 8th January. We had a meeting with the branch manager who was not able to make any decision.

We were advised to go to their head office in Industrial Area. We visited their head office on the same day. At the head office, we had a meeting with two of Naivas' staff. We shared our evidence. They made copies of the documents and said that they would call the following day, in the afternoon.

The following day, no one from Naivas called. Since then, whenever I would call, I would be given an excuse. It has been very frustrating.

Others also narrated their situations and food poisoning scenarios with the Giant Supermarket.

" I once took kebab from Naivas Machakos and it nearly landed me in ICU. I also took samosa at Naivas Kasarani and got food poisoning, another day i bought githeri at Naivas Kasarani and everybody who took the meal suffered from food poisoning, never again ata mkate ya Naivas siwezinunua" Mwaura Wachera stated.

I bought sixteen (16) packets of their branded milk from their Adams Branch on 17th January and all of it was bad. This was the third time I bought their milk and it was bad. So, it is not just about their ready-made food." Muthoni Muturi stated.

" Naivas has an issue, bought raw chicken after preparing at home, the next day, I was in the hospital on medication, iko shida kubwa na Naivas, whether raw or cooked meals, run away utajua Hujui" Martin Odhiambo posted.

Bana Media reached out to the management at the industrial area Nairobi but they failed to answer. 


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  1. Not only in Naivas but all restaurants beside supermarkets should be closed.


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