Give Power’s mission is to install solar energy technologies that will bring essential services to developing communities in need.

Their most recent break-through project installed a solar-powered desalination system to bring clean, healthy water to the people in Kiunga, a rural village in Kenya. 

Before GivePower installed its new solar-powered desalination system, the people of Kiunga, Kenya, had to travel for one hour to reach their only source of water. 

This water came from a well that was located on the same channel that animals use for bathing, and was full of pollutants and parasites. 

 This was the only water for them to drink, bathe, and wash their belongings.  “They were basically poisoning their families with this water,” says Hayes Barnard, president of GivePower.

 Now, the 3 500 residents of Kiunga have fresh, safe drinking water coming straight from a tap. With this technology, the salty ocean water will now be a viable source of water for the people living in this village. 

The system is capable of producing about 70 thousand litres of drinkable water every day, which is enough for up to 35 thousand people

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