President Uhuru Kenyatta with BBI Taskforce.
President Uhuru Kenyatta with BBI Taskforce.  PHOTO |PSCB

With less than 950 days to the next general election, President Uhuru Kenyatta government has got a lot to accomplish from what was listed from their Manifesto.

The promised stadia have not been accomplished. Jubilee which was voted twice still has pending stadiums to be constructed. Some governors have constructed some FIFA standard stadiums for their counties. 

Affordable health has been a thorny issue. Beyond Zero campaign was just a scam to enrich a few individuals. Billions worth health-based equipment ended in containers after official embezzled the funds.

100, 000 annually jobs is far from the truth. Since 2017-2019 more than 50 Manufacturing companies and 100 plus service delivery companies have closed it's doors rendering thousands of people jobless. 

The education sector has hit a dead end. Free secondary education has been scrapped off. Secondary school heads given a green light by the Ministry of education to charge any agreed fees in consultation with school boards.

The laptops project in public primary schools has also failed. The laptops are in cabinets where the majority are already dead.

The Parliament gave a boost to the Jubilee administration in its allocation of funds, with the bulk of the 2019-20 Budget allocated to the Big Four Agenda: manufacturing, universal healthcare, affordable housing, and food security.

With little so far done on the ground, however, the year could prove a defining one for a government that was twice voted in on the basis of its promising blueprint.

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