Mwalimu Rachel and Marting Mbugua. PHOTO | Courtesy SDE
Mwalimu Rachel and Marting Mbugua. PHOTO | Courtesy SDE

NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel has been accused of assaulting a friend of Sailors’ singer Peter alias Miracle Baby. She is accused of squeezing manhood balls, cutting off his dreads forceful and rendering him infertile.

Martin Mbugua accused Rachel, who manages Sailors gang band, alongside four others of beating him up after Miracle Baby, who was in his company, allegedly failed to show up for a commercial shoot.

Mbugua, who reported the matter at Kinoo Police Post said that he is a childhood friend of Peter, having been raised in the same children’s home. Since then Police have taken any step. The Martin Mbugua family accused the National Police service for delayed justice saying the Police clearly shows they only act on assaulted Women but not Men hence being biased.

 “On Thursday 16 January, I received a call from Peter. We were raised together at the Streetnizers Ministries Transformation Centre. It had been long since we last met and so together with a friend, we went to Peter’s place in Kinoo. Later that day, we decide to go to Ruaka to compose a song. We spent the night at Peter's grandma in Gachie, then the next day we went for the funeral of his friend in Ndenderu." he said.

" Later, we went to drop off Peter in Kinoo and that's when we found Mwalimu Rachel waiting for us with some guys. She came directly to me and started slapping me before calling on the other guys to join in on the beating. One of them who was heavily built meted out the worst beating. During the assault, Rachel was insulting and spitting on me. Then she demanded that I explain to them what had happened on that day,” claimed Mbugua.

" I even have video evidence of the time when we were coming from the funeral. Throughout, they were beating me till a point where Peter was angry. We left Rachel speaking to Peter and the guys took me outside alongside my friend. That's when I ran but one of them followed me screaming ‘thief’. Since I was new to that area, I stopped and the assault continued on the road, with the guy yanking my dreadlocks. He then decided to put me in the boot of the car I had dropped off Peter in. "

 “With Peter locked in the house, Mwalimu Rachel and the man started hitting my manhood. I was tortured for almost three hours. I was taken to the hospital the next day and took a P3 form.” he concluded.

The KOT took to their walls slamming gender bias when dealing with assaults matters. Men are always on the wrong according to the Kenyan law.

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