Locusts invasion is biblical and islamical, Priests say. PHOTO | BMS
Locusts invasion is 'biblical' and 'Islamic', Priests say. PHOTO | BMS

Increasing climate changes such as heavy rainfall and hotter weather are making it easier for locust swarms to reproduce very fast.

United nations have given East African nations Ksh 1.9 Billion for fighting the locusts. The funds given through FAO will help in aerial spraying and acquiring pesticides.

Dozens of countries are on alert following a biblical-scale invasion of locusts that the UN has described as "unprecedented" and "devastating”. The swarms of the food-devouring insects could grow 500 times bigger by June according to the astonishing UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) report. 

Apocalyptic footage from the affected regions has shown the billions of crop-eating locusts which have traveled in 930 square mile swarms. 

One person remarked that the Australian bushfires, Chinese coronavirus, and the locust swarms were all "biblical". 

“The speed of the pests' spread and the size of the infestations are so far beyond the norm that they have stretched the capacities of local and national authorities to the limit.”

It continues: “A potentially threatening situation is developing along both sides of the Red Sea, where ongoing breeding is causing locust numbers to increase on the coasts of Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

Other Countries facing the locusts problem include; Somali, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

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