More KDF soldiers, US troops and EARF team deployed in Manda bay Lamu. The soldiers will provide more security to the base. 

More Navy vessels were also deployed in Lamu to combat the Al-Shabaab threats. The number of soldiers in the base was tripled following the Sunday attack which left 3 dead.

A contingent of American crisis response soldiers is currently stationed at Manda Bay to beef up security after the military base was attacked by al-Shabaab fighters on Sunday.

The East Africa Response Force (EARF) was deployed to secure the base which has both Kenyan and American military presence.

" The EARF provides a critical combat-ready, rapid deployment force. The EARF’s ability to respond to events spanning a vast area of responsibility provides a proven and invaluable on-call reinforcement capability in times of need, " said US Africa Command (Africom) Director of Operations Major-General William Gayler in a statement

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