MRC leaders in Mombasa Court. PHOTO | BMS
MRC leaders in Mombasa Court. PHOTO | BMS

The parliament based Secession bid for the coastal strip is almost finished as the forefront and champions ditch for political positions. However, the founders of Secession bid have been relieved by the court.

The Mombasa high court Judge, LADY Justice Njoki Mwangi Clears 7 suspected Mombasa Republican Council members, including chairman Omar Mwamnuadzi on 29th January 2020 after prosecution fails to prove group is illegal.

The leader of the group is Omar Mwamnuadzi and was charged in 2014 along with 11 other members. However, the group denies claims by government officials that it has forged links with Somalia's militant Islamist group al-Shabaab.

Kenya's High Court unbanned the group in 2012 termed it as an outlawed group. However, the high Court judge suggested that the group be registered as a political party to continue with their quests.

The MRC accuses successive governments of marginalising the ethnic groups living along the coast, where many people are Muslims, and giving land to outsiders.

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