Ganze MP Hon. Teddy Mwambire on a past event. PHOTO | BMS
Ganze MP Hon. Teddy Mwambire on a past event. PHOTO | BMS

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire has said he will not contribute to any funeral expenses to a person killed in witchcraft allegations that some family members are involved in the murder of their loved ones and then seeking donations to bury them. 

" Some people murder their relatives then come to my office for help. Before you kill your relative for witchcraft allegations make sure you have enough money and resources for the burial, " Hon. Mwambire said.

" I will not help any family or anybody raising burial expenses of a witchcraft-related murder.  Family members should carry their own cross, " he added.

Kilifi county is among the counties with the highest number If witchcraft-related killings. Ganze sub-county leads among the sub-counties in Kilifi. 

Speaking at Bahari FM, the Ganze MP urged the people to follow the correct procedure in any witchcraft-related allegations.

" I don't think I will even attend such burials because I feel we're becoming unrealistic. " he said while addressing the public during the celebration of the ten years since establishment of Kaya Godhoma in Mrima wa ndege location in Sokoke Ward

" We have rescue centres. We have Kayas where the elders can stay instead of killing them. Take that alleged sorcerer or witchcraft to the respective centers, " he added.

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