Coronavirus screening. PHOTO | BMS
Coronavirus screening. PHOTO | BMS
Japan and China have closed all schools over the coronavirus.  Parents and students have been advised by their respective government to set aside rooms for children to play and attend virtual classrooms.

Japan and China governments received a boost from Tech giants in Asia. Baidu, Samsung, Huawei and Alibaba have come up with free virtual classrooms where teachers will still interact with their students at home. $10 Million were used to finance the new mode of learning.

The education system that was created within a week is already serving 180 Million students across the two countries. HongKong has the highest number of children/students and teachers/lecturers signed for virtual classrooms.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe said the government has abolished gatherings across the country. Football clubs in Japan and China will play their matches in closed doors.

The consortium (Huawei, Samsung, Alibaba and Baidu) has also donated $1.5 Billion to the fight against coronavirus in the two countries. They have set offices at HongKong and Tokyo in China and Japan respectively for the virtual learning.

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