Dahalo Community in TanaRiver county. PHOTO | BMS
Dahalo Community in TanaRiver county. PHOTO | BMS

The Population results in 2019 depicted the picture of the Top populated tribes and least populated tribes in Kenya.

The bottom three communities living in Kenya recorded a population below 1,000.

Dahalo community was the least populous recording 575 people followed by Kenyan Americans with 596 while Gosha had 685.

Dahalo is a Cushitic community living near the banks of River Tana in Coast region with most of its members swallowed in other communities. The tribes which made the community disappear include Swahili, Pokomo and Mijikenda.

The three least populous communities were Dahalo which had 575 people, Kenyan Americans followed with 596 while Gosha 728 ranked third from the bottom.

Only less than 100 people from Dahalo and Gosha from the Coast were able to speak their language fully. The rest could speak other tribes language.

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