Governors and Politicians escorts in Nairobi. PHOTO | BMS
Governors and Politicians escorts in Nairobi. PHOTO | BMS

A North-Eastern governor battles divorce after his wife found out he rented an apartment in Nairobi to a University girl. His assistant broke the news to the wife after suspicious sleepovers in Nairobi.

" Most of the politicians in Kenya are doing the same in Nairobi. My husband is not to be singled out. Let him prepare for the worst. Those slay queens will do everything to him, " the wife said.

The marriage of a governor from the North-Eastern region is reportedly on the rocks after his wife discovered he had rented a love nest for a young university girl in Nairobi, where he spends nights whenever in the city.

The wife and the husbands' assistant created a trap. But the wife declined to burst her husband but created a rule.

The wife has since blocked him from traveling to the city without her.
She has also threatened to commence divorce proceedings against the governor if he does not end the love affair.

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