Garissa Town MP Aden Duale says the North-Eastern region will not participate in BBI. PHOTO | BMS
Garissa Town MP Aden Duale says the North-Eastern region will not participate in BBI. PHOTO | BMS

Garissa Town MP Aden Duale says the North-Eastern region will not participate Building Bridges Initiative(BBI). The MP said they had a seating as a region with all governors, Mps, MCAs and Women Representatives and agreed that until the education problems are solved that is when they will support the document. 

" They should tell us what plans they have for the region going forward now that they had forcefully transferred all the non-Somali teachers. Prof.  George Magoha must also come to North Eastern and see for himself how best the situation is on the ground,  " Duale said.

He said that the parliamentary committee on education should move with speed and summon Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia and the education CS to explain what informed their decision.

" Let me make it very clear. For us to discuss the BBI the following must be done. We must candidly discuss why schools are closing in North Eastern and our children are being denied the right to quality education,” Duale said.

“We also must discuss the serious insecurity bedeviling our region. Finally, we must discuss the doctored census figures,” he added.

"  Under the new constitution, the government of Kenya under President Uhuru Kenyatta is under obligation through the ministry of education to make sure each and every child in Kenya can access quality education. It is our right,” Duale noted.

The Garissa MP Visited Al Rahma Islamic Centre, Muslim children home in Garissa where over 200 orphans are learning both secular and religious studies. The legislature shall install electricity in the area and support other infrastructure development.

Thanked the principal Sheikh Mohamed and other Muslim scholars who have contributed immensely to the institution.

The Centre was built in 2016 by Muslim scholars, well-wishers led by former minister and Dujis MP Hon. Hussein Maalim to care for the less fortunate members in society. They distributed food items donated by the BOHRA community in Nairobi for the many poor people in the constituency. 

“It is mentioned in the Holy Quran (2:83), “…..and (you shall do) good to (your) parents, and to the near of kin and to the orphans….”

 It has been explained by exegetes that orphans are mentioned right after the parents and the kin because when going outside the circle of relatives; the orphans are the most deserving of kindness. It is because they are deprived of a father who is the guardian, protector, and bread-earner of the family. 

Yesterday the Garissa Legislature had another gathering with volunteers who were to assist the situation in the region.

Addressing over 180 volunteer teachers drawn from different educational institutions of higher learning within our local community and are recruited by the public primary and secondary schools Board of Management in Garissa Township Constituency. 

They have been assist in teaching following the unconstitutional, illegal, discriminative and abuse of office by the Teachers Service Commission.

" We thank them for their generous call to duty. We have mobilized local talent and resources to ensure as leaders our children access their basic right to education as we engage the National Government to fulfill its constitutional mandate without any discrimination, " 

" As a region, we shall plan to have long-lasting and sustainable solutions to this recurring problem and we shall not allow the Alshabab menace to derail the education-sector by discriminatingly killing our Christian teachers. Together as a nation, we must fight all shades of evil forces, " he said. 

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