Bamba Police station where the 17 years old girl was raped and murdered inside Police cells. PHOTO | BMS
Bamba Police station where the 17 years old girl was raped and murdered inside Police cells. PHOTO | BMS

Following the death of 17 years old girl who died in Bamba Police cells, human rights organizations and the resident protests.

In the demonstrations, residents want IPOA to take necessary action on the Bamba, Kilifi police officers. They also called out to the inspector general of police Hillary Mutyambai to kick out all rogue police officers in the sub-county. 

Protesters dispersed by Police. PHOTO | BMS
Protesters dispersed by Police. PHOTO | BMS

" Bamba town is a no go zone, all shops are closed, no business is going on.  About 50 GSU Officers and 100 Kenya Police are busy tormenting people, " Protester claim. A woman from Haki Africa lost his hand and dozen injured from the peaceful protest as Kenya Police and GSU land on the peaceful protesters.

Protesters dispersed by Police. PHOTO | BMS
Live bullets displayed

Police used teargas to disperse the protesters. Later, the Police used live bullets that hit some of the protesters.

Several people have been admitted to the Bamba Health center seriously wounded. Police, however, claim that the protest was not legal.

For the last one and half years, residents of Ganze Constituency have been terrorized by the rogue, unprofessional police officers.

Bodaboda operators have been harassed by traffic police officers from Bamba Police Station. Drunk police officers beating up residents in the villages, with other police officers forceful taking people's wives.

Even after a younger girl died while in custody at Bamba Police station the area Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire has remained tongue-tied on the issue of security in Ganze Constituency. 

There are allegations that Hon. Teddy  Mwambire has never found it important to engage respective police departments to safeguard the interests of the residents Despite National Security being a National Government function. 

The Mp has left the responsibility to area MCAs who have been in the frontline to ensure their normality in the Constituency. 

The MP who sits in several parliamentary committees in the National  Assembly has never attempted to question the Cabinet Secretary Interior and Coordination of National Government Dr. Fred Matiangi why there is continuous police harassment in Ganze Sub County yet police officers should be maintaining peace, law, and order.

As concerned citizens, we are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the area Member of parliament is in bed with these rogue police officers in Ganze Constituency and that his zero actions towards the police brutality are a deliberate move to oil the police harassment among residents.

Police are supposed to safeguard our lives not to take our lives.

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