What is chuma ya Doshi? Rispa faith can explain chuma ya Doshi.
Kenyan Socialite Rispa Faith file. PHOTO | BMS

Chuma ya Doshi video uproars the internet. The video is said to be created following the Kenyan memes about the Patrick Ayoyi. Chuma ya Doshi defines those dudes who can have it done for long, still, veins be portrayed on sides for more.

Chuma ya Doshi and Shimo la Tewa memes have been constantly used to get the picture of how relationships end in agony. The ending described as Kifo Kisimani.

Some people could use it in one like " The dude is Chuma ya Doshi and the lady is Shimo la Tewa and end up in Kifo Kisimani." The Internet has expanded the creative industry where people create endless Memes.

Doshi is a company that manufactures building materials in Kenya. Doshi Group manufactures, builds and trades solutions in the building and construction industries.

Here is the Video advert below.

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