Jakowo Midiwo for Gem Legislature. PHOTO | BMS
Jakowo Midiwo for Gem Legislature. PHOTO | BMS

The Deputy President William Ruto affiliated scandals hit headlines across the country. Some Members of Parliament commenting on the matter. 

Former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo has alleged Deputy President William Ruto is surrounded by fraudsters who use and abuse his name to strike false deals.

Speaking to NTV, the ex-MP who was responding to the remarks that the DP was a victim of media propaganda in light of fake arms deal, he challenged Ruto to take full accountability for whatever happened right inside his office.

"William Ruto is a very smart politician but God refused to give him wisdom. When thieves are in your office, you are a thief and you cannot blame the media for doing its work, "

"Thieves are thieves, it is not fair to say so and so did, let's arrest them. If you want to compare Uhuru to Ruto, I would rather we have one thief than somebody who has many thieves around him. Last week, Ruto's manager was arrested for diverting water from the residents to his farm," he said on Tuesday, February 18.

" How was Echesa fired? He is also not an intelligent thief, that is why he gets caught every day. Uhuru fired him for using a government vehicle to con a businessman. Echesa is a youth who uses privileges and connections to con people. That's what he does," he added.

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