Kirinyaga Governor Mrs Ann Kamotho Waiguru in BBI rally, Narok. PHOTO | BMS
Kirinyaga Governor Mrs Ann Kamotho Waiguru in BBI rally, Narok. PHOTO | BMS

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru cites that ethnic representation at the top will help in healing the country. Kenya needs more top slots to have balanced representation.

" Kenya needs more leaders at the top to reduce ethnic clashes and profiling. We need more representation on top of the Kenyan leadership, " Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru said.

"BBI offers a solution to the challenge of divisiveness by advocating for national unity and economic growth. BBI is about inclusivity, peace and gender equality. Maa community is behind BBI and the handshake, " she stated.

Leadership division should be into chronological order. The three-tier government will create more jobs for the youths.

" Having a President, Prime Minister, Powerful Regional governors and several deputies will help the country heal in ethnic divisions, " she added.

" Fighting corruption needs to start from the top, then the rest follow. Social injustices can only be corrected if everyone is keen on bringing unity in Kenya, " she said.

" What brings hatred and clashes is all about poverty. If people can feed themselves, take their children to school and do any other basic needs function, we will not be talking of ethnic profiling and clashes, " she added.

" We have 44 tribes in Kenya. From 2022, we need a government that will accommodate all the tribes and have fair representation for all. Let us all work for the people and forget about the rest. BBI will unite the country as it takes views from every corner and every angle in Kenya, " she concluded.

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