Malindi high court, Kilifi county. PHOTO | BMS
Malindi high court, Kilifi county. PHOTO | BMS

A two months married couple in Malindi risks divorce after the wife failed to handle his husbands' manhood. Speaking in Malindi high court Mrs. Dorcas Kahindi claims her man has huge manhood and she could not handle it despite being in the marriage for just two months.

The couple did not get along together to the extent of sharing a bed because of religious beliefs. The Man believed in sharing a bed after marriage because it is relatively good and important for his religion.  

She narrated her first encounter with his husband's manhood that left her in a coma for two days. 

" Just the second day after the wedding, he demanded it. I could not hesitate but taste his lifetime victory, " she said.

" My man is a churchman, praise and worship person. He is prayerful. He approached me and could not hesitate because I was lonely and as well as I thought,  God answered my prayers too. But I did not know that he has a huge dildo that deserved a ring, " she said.

" That second day after our wedding was like hell to me. He just rubbed and brushed through my "bean" and made him feel the pleasure. Only the other head made me scream, " she added and chuckled.

" Before him, I had a boyfriend. We could pleasure ourselves without any problem. But for this Dildo, it's a big NO, "she added. 

" These two months I have been with him my Nunu has deformed. Though he has not shoved it all, " she added then laughed.

" I'm with my brother here in court. He is a lawyer though he does not agree with my case, " she said.

James Kahindi her husbands' brother claims that it's inborn. Despite being at the age of 37, he is not married because his girlfriends desert him immediately after sharing a bed. 

"   We are blessed with manhoods. Sometimes I think of my mother and father how they spent their time. My grandfather told me to be careful with ladies because what was in us was a kind of marital confusion. It is inborn. We are not using Chinese products, " James Kahindi said. 

Why was she publicly sharing about her bedroom matters?

" I have nothing to fear. I cannot stay calm and quiet while my nerves are broken down. This is court and it's a public institution. I'm here to defend myself. I have to allow him to choose anyone to marry, " she concluded. 

The majority of Kenyan women believe that huge dildos are only from the Western Region. Just two years ago a video of " Mollis nimeshoka" went viral which ladies believed the man was from Western.

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