Cherangany Mp Joshua Kutuny.  PHOTO | BMS
Cherangany Mp Joshua Kutuny.  PHOTO | BMS 

Drama occurred last night at the residence of Joshua Kutuny in Hardy, Karen Nairobi after his girlfriend Joyline Chemutai stormed the residence demanding child support for their 3-year old daughter.

Kutuny threatened to shoot Joyline who was forced to scream enticing the attention of nearby police officers on patrol then who rushed to the scene.

Upon arriving at the MP’s home, they heard a lady screaming “He wants to kill me”.

The officers were forced to shoot in the air. According to the OCS Hardy Police Station, Kutuny will be charged with misuse of a firearm and attempted murder once investigations are through.

" Kutuny has not been picking my calls. She has blocked me on WhatsApp. All I need is for him to take responsibility for our daughter as he promised”, Joyline Chemutai said. 

Joyline, a fourth-year student at the University of Nairobi says she has been forced to drop out of school as she is unable to cater to her studies and the child. 

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