SAA falsify Turkish reports. PHOTO | BMS
SAA falsify Turkish reports. PHOTO | BMS

An MLRS strike hit a newly liberated area in the West of Saraqeb in Idlib, the source of the strike was a Turkish newly-established in Taftanaz airbase. Syrian units deployed to their defensive positions which prevented any casualties among SAA.

As a response, Syrian artillery hit the source of fire killing 5 Turkish soldiers and injuring others. 

The Turkish ministry of defense issued a statement claiming they hit 110 SAA positions and hit a Syrian gunship, neutralizing 101 soldiers. 

This statement is completely false, up until this moment no strikes were registered against SAA nor any SAA position been targeted; and in the even of such attacks on SAA, the Turkish military knows very well that SAA will decisively respond. They have tested us more than once, and SAA showed them that fire will be returned by fire. 

" Again, there are no registered casualties no injuries among SAA, there are no strikes conducted against SAA, and no SAA gunships or artillery pieces damaged, contrary to the Turkish lies, " said SAA official.

" Again, it would be best to all parties concerned that no one tests SAA's commitment to its orders, " 

These pictures are circling the internet of what happened to the Turkish troops hit by SAA on February 2 when the Syrian Arab ArmedForces while targeting al-Nusra positions to the West of Saraqeb hit a Turkish unit apparently operating on the ground with this terrorist group, as a result, 7 Turkish soldiers and a contractor were killed, and number of other soldiers were injured. 

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