Nyandarua county MCA's on committee meetings. PHOTO | BMS
Nyandarua county MCAs on committee meetings. PHOTO | BMS

Drama at Nyandarua county assembly after MCAs urged the county executive to add the allocations to the respective wards. 

MCAs aligning to the executive clashed with other MCAs who were proposing the motions.

Nyandarua MCAs have asked the County Government to increase funds allocated for development projects in the wards.

Led by Leshau Pondo Ward MCA, Hon.  Kamau Gathungu and his counterpart for Kaimbaga Hon. Gathure Wambui, the ward representatives urged the County Executive to allocate at least Kshs. 40 million to each ward for development.

“We need more funds to develop our roads, dispensaries, ECDE centers and provide water to our people. The fund wards are getting is too little to accomplish all that,” Hon. Kamau said.

The leaders were speaking during a forum organized with the aim of dissecting the County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP), 2019.

Hon. Sambigi Mukuria emphasized on the importance of implementing the budget, noting that most county projects turn into white elephants due to inadequate manpower, and said more workers should be employed.

CBROP is a document prepared by the County Treasury and contains a review of the fiscal performance of the last financial year, analysis of the economic and financial forecast for the coming financial year and identification of sectoral priorities and resource allocation criteria. 

Hon. Ngumo Ngamau and Hon. Mbogo Mburu said the departments that derail the development in the county need to be held accountable.

“As an Assembly, we shall develop a plan, which will guide us in monitoring how each department, spends its budget,” said Githabai Ward MCA Hon. Rimu Kaiyani as he supported the move.

He added, “We cannot do the same thing the same way and expect different results.” 

In support of the same, Wanjohi Ward MCA Hon. Isaac Kung`u proposed that CECMs should be submitting their departmental project implementation reports every three months, saying the will help in monitoring the performance of the government. 

Shamata Ward MCA Hon. Reuben Gitau urged the County Executive to consider the vastness of wards, population and marginalization levels when allocating resources.

The forum was chaired by Njabini Kiburu Ward MCA Hon. Kiiru Gachomba who is the chairperson of the Budget and Appropriations committee.

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