A clear photo of the Coastal beaches in Kenya. PHOTO | MLD
A clear photo of the Coastal beaches in Kenya. PHOTO | MLD
Two families attack a women representative from the coast region for snatching their University youngmen and using them for her emotional gains. The Women Representative is said to have flown several university students to her private residence in Nairobi for her body and emotional satisfaction.

From 2018, the women representative has been exchanging "boys" in her private residence. According to the reports, the Women representative is said to have lured the boys for promising them connections after completing their studies and an affirmative kit bursary for their school fees.

One of the students who happened to be one of "Boys" says he has been with the Women Representative since January 2019. She handed a cheque for the 2019 and 2020 academic years school fees.

" She had paid my school fees. I'm on the final year. I used to apply for bursaries at the constituency and ward level with no success. After meeting the Women representative in our school, she promised to help me out but with a condition, "  he said.

" She used to fly me to Nairobi for two days a month. But I knew later that the other weeks she was also flying others to the same residence. But I did not complain because of her assistance, " he added.

The families knew after some parents visited the campuses only to miss their loved ones. After thorough investigations, the parents realised the sequence.

One of the parents sold a cow to pay schools fees of his two young men. But after reaching the campus, he was told one of the children fees were paid fully. That raised eyebrows.

" I asked my child about the fees. He said he got a bursary from the constituency. I checked on the bursary list, his name,  was not there, " the parent said.

" We had to ask the students the source of money. It looked so suspicious, " he added.

Some parents confronted the Women representative at her rural home after the allegations.

The Women Representative threatened to sue the parents for defamation. She said, " As a parent and a woman, I understand your cry. Only you did not know that those 'boys' have Identification Cards. They can make their decision, "

The Parents swore to spread the news in their county to help others as well as blocking re-election of the Women Representative. It is alleged that in the next general election the said leader will be contesting for a constituency legislative seat.

University student associations heads have also been on the spot over internal scholarships. They also offer emotional conditions to the opposite gender to get scholarships or financial aid.

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