Police release Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga freely. PHOTO | BMS
Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga girl's in the video real name identified. PHOTO | BMS

Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga who was trending over the weekend in a defiling video has been released by Police. Police have set free Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga citing both actors were adults. 

Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga who was arrested for 'eating' a young girl(Niece) in the trending video was released by police. The Police said there was no case to answer.

" Two adults were enjoying their fruits, "

The police say the video was taken in 2017 and the lady was 20 Years by then. The lady identified as Maureen Asego is a mother of two. 

The Police also dismissed the claims that Maureen Asego committed suicide. 

" The lady in question is healthy and nothing happened to him. We have investigated and found the duo as adults. There was no harm to anybody because the video was taken and uploaded in a mutual agreement, " 

Police, however, warned people in the social media for exaggerating information.  

Kericho County police commander Silas Gichunge confirmed the incident saying the man was arrested in his house in Nyagacho estate on the outskirts of Kericho town.

Police Commander Gichunge said detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations together with those from the Child Protection Unit were piecing together the evidence to ascertain whether the girl was indeed a minor.

Gichunge revealed that if that was the case, then the girl’s age was roughly 20 years and unless she launches a formal complaint that she was defiled or raped, then there will be no case.

He said that nobody has been accused of defilement or rape because the true age of the girl is 23.

" We cannot hold him because the girl did not lodge a rape case in 2017 or even now. Meaning that it was done willingly, " the Police Commander said.

The county commander revealed that officers from the Child Protection Unit also visited Kipkelion Girls High School where the girl was learning before 2017 for further information regarding her age.

" But it's obvious, the lady is above 18 years. If we are talking of information that took three years. Those three years, she was out of school. She had completed secondary school. How many years do you think a girl is when she completes secondary education? " he added.

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