Auntie Boss Actress Silprosa Photos. PHOTO | BMS
Auntie Boss Actress Silprosa Photo. PHOTO | BMS

Auntie Boss Actress Silprosa real name Sandra Dacha has left nothing to the creation after exhibiting her well-endowed figure during a Mombasa Vacation. The celebrated actress shared a photo of herself and the way her beachwear melted into her curves caused her to exuberate.

She says that only rich people can excavate hectares. No poor man can manage to get the correct road to happiness. " I cannot date a broke or poor guy, " she said.

Silprosa looked dazzling in the black pants and red bra that showed off the impeccable hectares of her skin. Just like any person on vacation at the coastal beaches, the beauty diva did not leave behind her classy sunglasses making her more charming.

Auntie Boss Actress Silprosa Photos. PHOTO | BMS

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Ladies... don't you ever let a busy body, body shame you for who/what you are because they feel they are perfect and that God did justice to them and not to you🙄Walk with your head high and ashame those wicked people by LOVING yourself TOO MUCH💪 Be bold💪 Your self esteem should be up there!!!💪 You all ask me how I do it and you want to be like me🙊well... don't be like me...Be like yourself💪 Believe in yourself and make it happen 💪 I have been ridiculed, mocked,laughed at by those people that I know and those ones that I don't BUT hey, that has never stopped me from being ME💪 Ladies, the secret is LOVING YOURSELF 🥰Imagine no one will ever love you if you don't love yourself 🙊Imagine🙊 YOU come first 💪 YOU💪YOU💪YOU💪 I guess today I've answered all of you🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 My name is Sandra Anyango Dacha and I'll never stop being ME💪 Happy 2020 FAM❤️
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