Prophet Dr. David  Awour of Repentance and Holiness Ministry on the spot over his cult and fake Miracles. PHOTO | BMS
Prophet Dr. David  Owour of Repentance and Holiness Ministry on the spot over his cult and fake Miracles. PHOTO | BMS 

Prophet Dr. David  Owour of Repentance and Holiness Ministry on the spot over his cult and fake Miracles.  According to a former prophet Awour insider, the miracles have been well choreographed, stage-managed and often googled to suit the needs of the gathering.

A former member of Repentance and Holiness Ministry and an insider Kinoti Joseph has shared a string of disturbing revelations portraying Prophet Owuor as a liar, hypocrite, and man using supernatural powers to hoodwink the public into believing he is a miracle worker.

Kinoti Joseph who likened his experience with Owuor's ministry to coming face to face with a cult said he was blinded with the doctrine of the preacher until he abandoned his undergraduate studies(Computer Science) to focus on spreading the gospel in streets and local markets.  He was introduced to the cult by his roommate at the campus called Cheruiyot.

"Well, I finally gave in to Cheruiyot's nagging. I decided to silence him for good by attending the fellowship. Only once, I promised myself," recalled Kinoti.

" I was taken through prayers and before I could realize it, I had fully been ushered into the ministry and was appointed one of the fellowship leaders, " he added.

After serving the church diligently, Kinoti was elevated to lead Owuor's Twitter team whose primary task was to ensure only clean content about the preacher and church was shared.

"I quit my education to fully devote myself to serving in the 'Church'. By this time, I was already proud of the title Pastor. Fast forward, I was later promoted to Overseer and served as the 'Prophet's Twitter Army Prefect. It was during this time that I discovered that the whole system was based on fake miracles, fake signs, and a false prophet Owuor. Everything was fake! I felt deceived. Something I had sacrificed everything for. It was now apparent that it was a scam, " he said.

Other than leading the Twitter troops, the ex-member was also tasked to create blogs and lead an extra army of keyboard warriors to help the church spread fabricated content about Owuor's powers.

"We created blogs to push Owuor's miracles. I ensured they were translated to as many languages as possible. We later had to delete them and do away with the blogs. Reason? Details emerged that the miracles only existed online," he disclosed

"Owuor will always wait for any calamity or google disasters outside the country and make gains out of it. He was recently busted editing a video to claim he predicted Coronavirus. Riding on the intense media coverage of Coronavirus, he inserts himself into the narrative just to get a piece of the action," he charged.

Kinoti, however, lost his admission at Moi University having stayed away from the institution for over 8 years without any deferral letter. He later made arrangements and joined another institution where he completed his studies.

"Be careful with these strange religious movements spreading every day. I found myself right inside a dangerous cult. If you are inside one, seek an exit route soonest" he concluded.

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