A City lady, Slay queen got shocked after a broke man took her around the city, to Chicken Inn, promising big things that he could not afford. The slay queen narrated how she wasted her time with a broke "boy Child"

Okay, so we’ll call this guy X. He texted me on twitter and we started talking about 3 weeks to valentine. We flirted for a while and then about a week before the 14th he asked me to be his valentine and I agreed. We had never met before, this would be our first date.

Initially, he had asked me if we could have something like a picnic during the afternoon but I was working till 4:30 so it wouldn’t work he then asked me out for dinner which I agreed to. This is when he told me to dress up nice.

He’s a chef. A day before, he genuinely told me he had spent all his money fixing his phone the previous week and he was asking if I could go to his place and have a homemade dinner with. I was so reluctant because I couldn’t be too sure about him and just trust him like that.

I was bummed out because if he knew he was going to take me on a date he’d have prepared early enough. Eventually, I decided to take the risk and just go to his place. On that day I asked him for directions and he said” That boat sailed”

Then I asked him which restaurant we were going to go to he said he’ll find out depending on his moods on whether it would be one in town or one in Westlands. We were to meet in town at around 7:30. I arrived an hour late

Eventually, we met and then he asked me if I wanted cocktails or milkshake so I said cocktails. He said, he’s a lightweight he can’t have cocktails so let’s just have a milkshake. I decide to let go and agreed to go.He wanted to take me to a place called number 7. I had just heard of it.

When we reached it was so loud and people were even sitting outside. It was more of a club. I told him there’s no way I’m going there and I haven’t eaten anything cause he told me we’re going for dinner. So he said “Okay let’s go to Westlands”

I asked him where at Westlands. He said Oilibya, I asked him what’s at OiLibya, he said, chicken inn.

My mood just dropped and I didn’t even want to talk to him. So he suggested we go to the news cafe.

I was alright at news Caffe so he said let’s go to Java and I refused and said let’s just get an Uber and I’ll pay for it. So we got into the Uber and then he just ended up paying for it.

So when we were going through the menu he said he’ll just have coffee because he just brought me to the restaurant. Then I said ill just have a chicken sandwich which was for around 850. So at this point, he was making fun of me for wanting the sandwich which to him was overpriced.

He started saying that he’s a chef he knows all the secrets of the kitchen and that’s why he wanted us to eat at his place,  in short, he just kept on pushing me to forget about us eating there and just go to the Chicken Inn.

errycar at Chicken Inn. The Chicken Inn story

 When I finally agreed.  We went to the chicken Inn and he said he just wanted a soda so I looked for a meal that came with a soda and then I told him the one that I wanted and went to sit down and he called me back and asked him to top-up for him.

So the meal I wanted was 500 and he wanted me to top up 300.  So I gave him, he came with it and his friends were there. The situation wasn’t comfortable because I was the only girl and no one else was eating and so many of his other male friends were there just sitting around us.

I didn’t eat much and I just offered to give his friends 3/4 of my food cause it was so uncomfortable eating alone. That's the full story and that’s why I was so disappointed. Ladies please never settle for less.

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