Ventilators in use
Ventilators in use

Due to the rapid increase of the coronavirus cases globally, Ventilators manufacturers have been urged to increase their production. The COVID-19 causes a respiratory illness that results in severe cases can ravage the lungs.

It has so far claimed at least 34,000 people globally. Ventilators are artificial breathing devices that can blow air and oxygen into the lungs.

They are essential for the care of people with lung failure, which can be one of the difficulties suffered by patients with severe COVID-19.

“The mortality amongst the intensive care population is being estimated as 50 to 60%,” said Rahuldeb Sarkar, a consultant physician in respiratory medicine and critical care in Britain.

If a critically ill patient doesn’t get a ventilator, “he dies within a few hours.”

Ventilators can ease some of the most seriously ill COVID-19 patients who start losing the strength to breathe on their own.

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