Soldiers with Police in Madrid Spain
Soldiers with Police in Madrid Spain

Spain government now uses the military to fight the coronavirus. There is a total lockdown in Italy and Spain. The military has been deployed across their respective countries to help the Police in distributing food, masks, mattresses for refugees and other human essentials at their doorsteps.

People have been warned against stepping outside their homes. The government has posed a fine to those who will be found outside their homes or houses.

David Miliband, the CEO of the international rescue committee in the United Nations says China has proved to be a 21st Century superpower nation taking the role of the United States.  Prime Ministers of Italy, Netherlands, Spain, England and Portugal have applauded the work done by China.

China has fought successfully the war against desert locusts and coronavirus simultaneously. It now helping Europe in fighting against the virus.

German President Angel Markel and UK prime minister Boris Johnson said Europe has not had any big problem since the second war, they urged countries in Europe to cooperate in order to control the virus.

China has shifted its war against the virus to the west. China has shipped billion of masks to Italy, Spain, France to combat the virus. China has stifled the virus as the majority of the infected are now released from different hospitals. New infections have been decreased tremendously.

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