Former investigative journalist and Nyali Mp Mohammed Ali
Former investigative journalist and Nyali Mp Mohammed Ali

Former Investigative journalist, Nyali Mp Mohammed Ali has opened up about the shoddy work done by the DCI over the death of late Kipyegon Kenei.

Hon. Ali said that not all detectives are the same-some play rogue officers and whom they are integrated into the investigations. He alleges DCI boss George Kinoti to be playing one courtesy of the rogue system.

" My advice to him, Follow the clues of investigation to breakthrough. What you are doing now is zero work. The deleted Safaricom data will make you look stupid, " he said.

You and I know that it is only the " System " that is capable of deleting such data. What's the name of the person who deleted the data? Who was communicating with Kenei mostly or several weeks before his death? Who are the white guys? Who did they meet at the DP’s office?" he added.

He said that proper investigation could give out the plotting picture. According to him, it is already too late to find out the truth.

" Why did they sermoned the late Kenei to record a statement and gave him several days? When you are sermoned, you have to record the statement the same day, " he stated.

" Who cleared them at the immigration? Who is the point man at the DOD? Why did you go to the crime scene? Are you the lead investigator? Why was the body ordered back to the crime scene? Was it ordered back after some information was already altered? Who is this person at the DCI giving out the fake media script to specific police reporters in the newsroom? Any dusting report? " he said.

" Where are the other CCTV videos of all the meeting points? You foolishly displayed KENEI’s phone conversations on media before completion of your investigations, why didn’t you publish former sports CS Rashid Echesa, the Luos, the fake generals and the WHITE GUYS including the Unmentioned ones? " he said.

" Who received the white guy at the airport? Which hotels we’re they spending their time? Who did they meet in those hotels and outside the hotels? I'm not here to defend anyone. I’m simply trying to tell you that you know the KILLERS and you MUST tell KENYANS the truth, which I'm afraid you can’t, "

" It is too late to it the DCI boss to recover evidence. The damage is done to the entire DCI detectives. No wonder all your cases don’t see the light of the day in our courts. The Courts are working, stop blaming them. They deal with facts and evidence, not drama and PR. I'm sorry but no one will trust your service again, " he added.

The DCI seems to have a very long way to complete the investigations which already have been altered. CCTV footage was already edited. Data deleted in the telecommunication companies. The whites already left the country. Only the sports CS, the four Luos who had the contracted companies, the secretaries, the fake generals and general Juma.

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